A Brief History of Emory

The bicycle business has been a part of the Smith family since the 1940s, first as retailers, then distributors and finally, in 1976, as manufacturers of Emory Bicycles.  We made some of the earliest cruisers and the last Western Flyer nostalgia bikes.   Throughout the years the Emory brand built a reputation of quality, style and durability as shown by strong collector demand for early Emory bicycles.

Over time the quality of available parts dropped as bicycle production shifted overseas and US part manufacturers closed.  Inferior quality imported parts reflected poorly on our bicycles so we decided to stop bike production in 2004.

Since bicycles are in our DNA we couldn’t stay away from the bike business for long and soon started working on designing a new bicycle from the ground up, which included all the critical parts required for a high quality bike.  The end result is the first in a lineup of new Emory Bicycles, the Emory C4 Cruiser, a durable, stylish, light weight, low maintenance bike designed for people to get more joy out of riding.