We are continuing to move forward with our bike plans, but please let me be honest. I had no idea China Covid 19 would slow us down as much as it has. Additionally we lost Maria Smith in October, which was a terrible emotional blow, but Covid stopped us from being able to find and acquire the parts and machinery we needed as well as the, all important training and support, we were counting on happening; months ago.

Some things can’t be helped. The Eurotech mill turn machine finally was fitted with important motors and pumps that had long been on order. The raw material (bar stock) is ready on our rack and we are close enough to production that some of the other – frame making machines can now be ordered. Here’s a photo of the Hydraulic Press we bought to bend our frame parts.

It didn’t make any sense to purchase and deliver this machine until the parts that would go into the frame was ready. The machine will be delivered in 30 days and that should coincide with the first frame parts that will enable the manufacture of the very first mild steel frames with the Stainless Frames right behind that. For that scenario to happen we needed this press. A conventional mechanical press is made for speed and can stamp out sheet metal parts at a rate of 30 – 60 strokes a minute. Cro-moly and Stainless tubing, with a tensile strength three times that of mild steel must be formed much slower otherwise the tubing will kink and deform. By using hydraulic power to form the tubing; distortion is kept to a minimum!

We are very thankful to the many customers that have already purchased one of our bikes and their patience is to be commended. We hope these updates will prove useful in seeing the progress that goes on every day. No matter how long it takes no bike will leave our plant until it is certain of being The Best Bicycle Ever Made.

In our next instalment we hope to make a film of the Eurotech in action, spitting out our first bike parts. Stay tuned for the latest updates on our progress. On a personal note thanks to all those who sent their condolences. I wanted to say that I’m not afraid of Covid but I’m terrified of irony. To come all this way only to be clobbered by an import is something I can’t abide. I think I might be able to get a first vaccination shot this week. I’ll keep my fingers crossed. Stay safe out there