How goes the Coastal Cruiser Crew this July the fourth? Some know us as the ‘Bicentennial Bicycle’ as we started in operation with our first products in 1976. That also explains our logo forever ensconced with the number 76’; The Plan is to be in production for the Tri-centennial, Quad-centennial and on and on….  

However you must have heard the admonition: “The best laid plans of mice and men!” Covid brought reality to our doorstep and dropped it there with a thud! Our original ambitious design would have us in full production about now, but obviously we are not. Sure, I’ve got the best excuse in the world courtesy of our old pals in China. Fireworks aren’t the only thing they are able to export to the world, it turns out!

The whole supply chain has been impacted and the parts we don’t make we still must buy abroad, if they are even available – like tires, for example. Definitely a complication.

What this means from a practical standpoint is; while we slog on, ever closer to production, the impact on folks who put down funds in advance cannot be ignored. At the same time we are under pressure from potential customers who want emory bikes yet are reluctant to put down good money, when we haven’t been able to produce finished product or provide a due date.

So I’ve hatched a new flawless plan: emory fans….go ahead and place your order with no money down; realize you will have to contend with an open date, but doing so will put you in line as the orders come in to receive your Emory ahead of anyone else and we will throw in a Tee – Shirt with your bike to boot. This offer doesn’t entitle you to a discount; that’s reserved for the very first folks who did pay in advance.

We have added this option on the checkout page of the website. Now you can build the Emory bike of your dreams, and check-out without payment. This will reserve your bike in our system to be built amongst the first when production finally starts. We will contact you prior to building your bike with payment options then.

To the first folks (many have already confessed they will wait as long as it takes) should your situation change you have the option of being reimbursed.

For my part these disruptions that I failed to anticipate, will only serve to slow us down, not stop us.

Thanks to the many fine and loyal Emory supporters who have shown tremendous patience. My eternal gratitude; you have my pledge that when they get here; your Emory will be the ‘Best Bicycle Ever Made!’

Stay tuned! RGDS / Clayton and Crew