Sunday there was a raffle. We have work in process that was left when we shut down operations years ago and though it was a result of not being able to access parts after the American supply chain was eliminated and the only parts available were Chinese, frames never were in a position where we couldn’t have continued to make them; overall it just wasn’t economically feasible. But now, years later, guess what – there is a market for Emory N.O.S. frames, forks and chainguards. They have come to the attention of aficionados of Emory products (I like to call them Emoryites – sort of a biblical connotation there) who are finding purchase with restoring and building new / old complete Emory’s and the results are personal and fantastic.

Soon we’ll include some great results for you to see, but now what about progress toward the Emory-C4 bikes. Well, the rack is now complete – see photo – and the aluminum and steel raw material can now be ordered for the first four parts we will make on our Eurotech. Tooling for the same four first items are ordered and on the way. We are going to school for four days next week to get up to speed on using our CAMWorks, CAM software, and we have engaged an expert to help us push things along with the set up and running of our main battle machine; Eurotech. The idea of identifying the most relevant parts and focusing on them first will allow us to start making the mild steel frames very soon. The Stainless Steel castings are being machined already at a neighbor facility and once they are ready both frames will be in process (bending, notching, and welding) while the next “group” of parts are being worked, in house, on the Eurotech.

Till next time…C2