It is well to dwell upon the 76’ on our name plate on an auspicious day like today July 4th 2020; Independence day in the United States of America for on this day 244 years ago the Declaration of Independence was signed (OK the scholars aren’t sure exactly but the 4th is close enough) anyhow, just by happenstance the Emory Cruisers were first made in 1976 and that’s the reason for the 76’ on our badge.

So, since that date marked the 200th anniversary of the republic we are indeed the BICENTENIAL BICYCLE. Whenever we attend a function or whenever we interface with the public at a show or event you will often see the “crew” wearing three cornered hats and now you know the reason why HAPPY FOURTH OF JULY 2020 to all the loyal readers and supporters of the Emory line of Coastal Cruisers: THE BEST BICYCLES EVER MADE.

Before getting back to the factory I need to vent a tad about supply chains. You might notice that bicycle dealers are having a hard time keeping up with demand. They can only sell what’s out there (Chinese), and as all the domestic sources are gone they are out of luck. We saw the handwriting on the wall over ten years ago. 90 % of our bikes carry our own parts made by us so thereby eliminating supply problems for the most part. We still have to purchase tires, tubes and the rear transmission and a few other little parts but the rest we make. Support American manufacturing and you support the future.