I’ve managed to receive both Chinese Covid 19 vaccines with zero side effects. The second shingles shot made me sick for two days; not the Covid. Things are starting to open up all over. Credit is due to all front line people, doctors and nurses, and hats off to “Warp Speed.” No matter your politics you must admit producing a vaccine in record time was an amazing accomplishment.

With the bike project we are experiencing great progress albeit slow as molasses. A lot of the tooling we need comes from Italy; there is no way to rush it. Where we are now; basically just waiting. A great time for a mini vacation. It only lasted two days but what a great decision: We secured two nights at Lego Land for $ 150 per night in the hotel; breakfast and dinner included. Two adults and our five kids. Who could pass this up and the weather was 85 degrees (warm enough for the kids to go for hours in the water park.) This is the first vacation I’ve been on in many years. We really needed it after the anxiety of the virus and working hard, seven days a week on the Coastal Cruiser Project. It was great.

On our way back we stopped at Bok Tower, located at the highest point in Florida and going back in time when Florida was a small island surrounded by the Atlantic. A progressive environmentalist named Bok bought the “iron mountain” and erected a carillon; basically a huge bell tower, in the name of peace and conservation. It was completed in 1929. If you want to study to become a Buddhist Monk this is the place.

Then last weekend in Jacksonville I took Sunday off with the kids and headed for Huguenot Park. The warm temps were predicted to hit 85 degrees. Rare for this time of the year in Jacksonville. Beach was wonderful, with my kids and my attorney buddy, his wife, and her parents and her little girl. Then we hit a snag. Her father, a Hungarian, (can’t read much English) decided to go up into the dunes to relieve himself. The ropes and signs prohibiting walking on the dunes; so as to save the sea turtle and turn nests, were no bar to his urinary needs. His escapade was observed by the ever vigilant Park Service and they broke the news that he was being ejected from the park immediately. No one else, just him. Sort of like if you were caught speeding but instead of receiving a ticket the police let all the air out of your tires and left you there forlorn by the side of the road! After only 30 minutes at the beach would the whole family be forced to leave? I attempted, at the request of my buddy, to intervene on Pops behalf and explain the extenuating circumstances, but to no avail; I even played the role of “Karen” and insisted the two ladies call their supervisor; instead they called the police. I and Gramps came face to face with Johnny Law in the form of one normal sized cop and his partner who was bigger than the Rock and had more tattoos. I tried to explain but they weren’t buying it and when the big guy took off his sunglasses revealing a no nonsense squint, somewhere between Clint Eastwood and G.I. Joe, his facial expressions told me: trying to change the law was not going to work. The distaff side of our once happy crew reluctantly packed up and left the beach to us. I’m sure if someone has written a book entitled “Peeing with the Whales” in Hungarian, my attorney will buy it for his father in law without delay no matter the expense.  

This is why I’m only taking mini vacations from now on; that, and we’ve got bikes to make and deliver!